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MLS - A La Carte Menu:

Base Package:

  • MLS Input: We will input the necessary information into the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for your listing.

  • MLS Input with Executed Document Upload: In addition to MLS input, we will also upload executed documents to the MLS platform. This includes information taken from executed disclosures, town cards, and previous MLS listings if applicable.

Add-ons (Choose one or all - please contact Precision for additional pricing):

  1. Picture Upload: We will upload pictures of the property to enhance the listing and attract potential buyers.

  2. Written Description (including one revision): Our team will create a written description of the property for the MLS listing. You will have the opportunity to request one revision to ensure accuracy and completeness.

  3. Showingtime Info: We will provide Showingtime information, allowing interested parties to schedule property viewings conveniently.

  4. Sign-up Request: We can assist in setting up a sign-up request for interested buyers to receive additional information or schedule showings.

  5. Broker Compliance: We will ensure that all necessary broker compliance requirements are met.

Please note:

  • The MLS package must start with the Base Package.

  • When requesting the MLS package, please specify which add-on item(s) you require.

  • Kindly provide at least 48 hours for MLS listing input.

  • Payment for the services rendered is due on the same day as billed.

For additional information or to discuss pricing, please reach out to Precision.

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