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What's included in my individual admin services:

I offer a range of personalized administrative services to help you express gratitude and maintain strong relationships with clients and industry professionals.


Here are the services we provide:

  1. Thank You Card to Client: I will send a thoughtful thank you card to your clients, expressing appreciation for their business and trust.

  2. Thank You Card to Co-Broke: I can send a thank you card to the cooperating broker involved in the transaction, acknowledging their collaboration and professionalism.

  3. Thank You Card to Lender: I will send a thank you card to the lender involved in the transaction, recognizing their efforts and support throughout the process.

  4. Thank You Card to Attorney: I can send a thank you card to the attorney who provided legal guidance and assistance during the transaction, showing appreciation for their expertise.

  5. Home Anniversary Card: I offer home anniversary cards to commemorate the milestone of your clients' home purchase. This thoughtful gesture helps maintain a lasting connection.

  6. Wedding Anniversary Card: I can send wedding anniversary cards to your clients, celebrating their continued commitment and creating a sense of care and personalization.

  7. Birthday Card: I offer personalized birthday cards to help you recognize and celebrate your clients' special day, adding a personal touch to your professional relationship.

  8. Holiday Cards: I can assist in sending holiday cards to your clients, spreading joy and well wishes during the festive season. To ensure timely delivery, holiday card orders must be placed by October 1st for mailing by December 1st.

Please note:

  • You have the option to provide your own stock cards and stamps for no additional fee (I will go to your office to pick up the items). Order through Amazon and have them delivered to Precision's office, or you can use our holiday cards and stamps for an additional fee.

  • For pricing details and any further inquiries, please contact Precision directly.

I understand the importance of maintaining relationships and expressing gratitude, and my individual admin services aim to enhance your client interactions and foster long-term connections.

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